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If you're as brain damaged as us, join our Head Trauma family and be among the first to hear about upcoming shows. Tickets to shows are often limited, so this is your best shot at getting in.

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Life puts us through some shit. Music takes us out of it. This isn't your mother's fairy tale music. It isn't the same old love song. We put artists on the stage that tell of their struggles, they talk about their pains, and aren't afraid to discuss those topics that you're supposed to keep bottled up inside.

From stories of addiction to struggling with identity and from topics like domestic violence to the damage religion causes, we address the hard topics. The artists we work with aren't perfect people, but they do have something to share.

The only truly independent multigenre underground concert promoter in the city. Bringing your voice back, by bringing love to the broken, through music and explicit stories of pain.

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Head Trauma Events —
1519 Union Ave, Unit #365,
Memphis, TN 38104



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